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Ubi responde por ZombiU

¿Un FPS o un Survival? ¿Finalmente tendrá multijugador online?

Revogamers: What about the multiplayer gaming? Has ZombiU co-op or or competitive online modes?

G.S Answer: The ‘King of Zombies’ has organized his own sadistic London games to entertain his bloodthirsty subjects… Play as King Boris on the WiiU tablet, crazed boss of a violent gang and self-proclaimed ‘King of the Zombies’, and beat all survivors…one by one! Or play as a Survivor and attempt to outwit the King of Zombies and his brain-dead 'gladiators'!

With SURVIVORS VS KING OF ZOMBIES, ZombiU features one-on-one competitive multiplayer modes, which tasks one player with controlling zombie hordes (Infected Units) using the Wii U GamePad, while the other player fights to survive in FPS view with either Wii controllers or the new Pro Controller.  The multiplayer features 3 exhilarating game modes including assault, deathmatch and survival modes.

SURVIVORS VS KING OF ZOMBIES, is full-fledged multiplayer experience, with deep gameplay that will provide many hours of fun.  The Wii U allowed us to create an exhilarating experience that can be shared by a hardcore gamer and a more casual player-friend or family member, without the latter being completely outmatched. Unlike the campaign, which offers a solo Survival Horror FPS  experience, the ‘King of Zombies’ player uses the Wii U GamePad at a more relaxed pace. The gameplay is more about overall strategy than any gamer reflexes honed over years…so it’s more immediately accessible. Our multiplayer modes are also a bridge for new players to get into the game before they acquire the courage to face the Infected hordes alone, while offering a more traditional first-person shooter experience using the Wii U Pro Game Controller or Wii Remote and Nunchuck.  Even survival-horror fans will love blowing off some steam with a little running, gunning and friendly couch competition! ;D

Revogamers: How is going to work the message system between players? Is integrated into Miiverse?

G.S Answer:  We have developed several online features for the community.  Players will be able to mercy-kill their Infected friends and recover the stuff in their Bug Out Bags (backpacks).  Our « blacklight » feature allows players to scan environments and reveal messages left by friends (other survivors) using the spraycan feature. You can help each other out all along the adventure by spray-painting vital messages about, for instance, weapons caches and shortcut locations—but be careful who you trust…