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Los trucos de Street Fighter 3DS anticipados por Ono

Entrevista con el productor del juego de lucha adelantando sus claves.

RG: Maybe the next one will be the same answer, but let's try! What about downloadable content?

Ono: Exactly what we can do and what we're allowed to do with the DLC and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, we don't know yet. We're still in discussions with Nintendo, so as soon as we get something we'll decide on it and you will know.

blanka street fighter iv 3d revogamersRG: This is a personal question, which control scheme do you like the most [for playing Street Fighter on the 3DS]?

Ono: For me it's gonna have to be the D-Pad, which I've been using for 25 years, invented by the genius Mr. Gumpei Yokoi. Thus, here I have my trademark ‘Nintendo thumb' (Laughs). Please check my Nintendo thumb, you can notice the callus!

RG: How does the new 3DS D-Pad feel compared with the SNES D-Pad?

Ono: Are you going to speak to Nintendo after this? (Laughs). So you could tell them later. Nintendo is very suggestive of collaboration with third parties this time, they're very keen of questions of what thirds parties are thinking. We're suggesting how D-Pad should be. I'm aware that the 3DS D-Pad keeps on changing, it's not finalized yet, but it's becoming closer and closer to Street Fighter team's ideal (Laughs). Hopefully it will get there and hopefully, it will fit my ‘Nintendo thumb' (Laughs).

RG: This is the last one: Before the Nintendo 3DS was announced, we were a ‘Wii only' site, so people were eager to get Street Fighter 4 on Wii. Then we got the awesome Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom from Niitsuma-san. After eight years without a Nintendo Street Fighter, we wanted to know if there was any chance (before or now) for having it on the Wii and why it didn't become a reality if that was the case.

Ono: When it comes to Wii, what I had in mind was Street Fighter Fit.

RG: Really?

Ono: Because Street Fighter 4's nature kind of slightly differed from the identity Nintendo seemed to be chasing of with the Wii brand, it didn't seem to quite fit. We weren't sure, and we were more inclined to go for the idea of Street Fighter Fit. I actually had a plan, I submitted my game design and everything. When the discussion was about to get further or to be cancelled or whatever, 3DS came in with confidential information from Nintendo, so attention kind of shifted to 3DS and kind of reflected form Wii now. Hopefully, with 3DS I'll get to show off my thumb to everyone.

RG: We're done, thanks for your time! But before leaving, there's a little photo we need from you. Niitsuma-san threw me a Hadouken, so I need another Hadouken from you!

Ono: You got it! (Laughs).


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