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Los trucos de Street Fighter 3DS anticipados por Ono

Entrevista con el productor del juego de lucha adelantando sus claves.

interview yasuhiro ono nintendo 3ds revogamersRG: ¿How is the 3D effect exactly? Is it a constant effect, or just sometimes like when you make an ultra combo?

Ono: This time, Nintendo is making an amazing hardware and as they mentioned in their conference a few months back, there's going to be a ‘3D slide' so it's always up to the player whether it's 3D or not. If he wants the latest technology, the latest 3D graphics with Street Fighter, he can, and he can have a 3D box when viewing the fighting in the environment. But also if the consumer's desire is to have something that you can play on 360 or PS3 he can turn the 3D off, and it just basically be Super Street Fighter 4 on your handheld console.

At the moment, I believe the games industry is in a transitional stage from 2D to 3D gaming. Obviously, this time the 3DS is providing us this bridge in between, and it's going to fill the gap between this changing era, so this Nintendo hardware, which is brilliant this time, is going to provide both 2D and 3D gaming, and the choice is yours.

RG: Will the 3DS version have any new content, like new characters or costumes?

Ono: I really want to tell you, but I can't (Laughs) You'll probably have to wait about a month and a half [Note: this interview is from August 18th, 2010]. But I can tell you that there are going to be three things with the 3DS as for Super Street Fighter IV 3DS: One, the most important, we're going to port Super Street Fighter 4 from HD consoles to a handheld and when you play the portable version it won't be any lesser than the others, it's going to be Super Street Fighter IV. Secondly, we're going to adapt the game so it's suitable for everyone, whether they're ten years old or forty years old they're going to have choices, so we're going to make some changes or adaptations. Third point, we're going add something that will surprise people and this will have to be done on 3DS because it requires the 3D function. This is to let people know that something like this can be done in the 3D hardware, but I won't tell you what! (Laughs). But you will find out, you will be surprised and this has to be on the 3DS.

I was inspired by Iwata-san's and Miyamoto-san's talks, it clearly is in what they said. They were saying that 3DS can do this, and this, and this... other than just being 3D. So what we're trying to do in Street Fighter IV 3DS is somewhat related to that (Laughs).

ken ryu street fighter iv 3ds revogamersRG: You said that it's exactly the same game, so can we expect all the characters, including the downloadable ones?

Ono: Super Street Fighter 4 for HD consoles had 35 characters and you will see all of them in 3DS.

RG: How will the multiplayer be? Will it have online or local play using only one cartridge?

Ono: That's a very, very good point! (Laughs) First of all, it's Street Fighter, so of course it's going to have multiplayer. We're currently working on cutting edge technologies in order to bring best fighting game to everyday life, so that's something you have to think and specify time come how it's going to be part of your life, and we're going to make that easy. So Nintendo will be announcing exactly how that's done sometime soon, and Super Street Fighter IV will be there when they announce the features, so you might have to wait until then (Laughs).