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Terapia Regresiva. Paciente: Climax

Climax confiesa a los revogamers las intimidades de su sobrecogedor proyecto.


 Entrevista Climax Silent Hill Shattered Memories Wii


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories' writer and lead designer Sam Barlow answers to Revogamers users' 'test'.


1. It seems a lot of people worked on this project,more considering the amount of images and sounds we've found on it. How many people worked on Shattered Memories and how did you organise them? Which part did require the biggest effort? Speaking about the music and sound library, would you tell us any curiosity? How was working with Yamaoka-san like?

A ton of people worked on the project. The core team fluctuated with the different stages of development, peaked at around 50 people in the studio here. Outside, working on cutscenes, other art assets, etc. there were about a hundred more dedicated people working hard to make the game a reality. The sheer amount of environments, and the level of detail we required, as well as the many ways in which these environments can change based on the user's personality created a HUGE amount of work.

A big part of the music in the game was that this is the first Silent Hill title to have a dynamic music system -- the game alters the tracks to reflect the user's actions and links to suspense and other gameplay elements. So this required a whole new way of thinking for Akira -- and we were really happy that he took on this challenge and embraced these ideas. Having someone of Akira's experience and stature is a great win for any development project, so continuing to work with him on this title was a real boon.

Of course we must mention the cover track that Akira provided for us. We asked him to choose from a short list of classic 'torch songs' which he would like to produce his own version of -- and this song features prominently in the game and touches on many of its themes. He choose Brenda Lee's "Always on my Mind" . So now Akira has joined the list of classic artists who have performed this track, alongside Elvis, Willy Nelson and the Pet Shop Boys.

2. Many readers asked about this. We've heard you would love to keep on with the series, and after finishing the game, we would kill for another SH entry with this new system. After US results, is it more possible? Would you share any Konami thoughts on it you've been told? Many readers also ask about a SH2 or 3 re-imagining, is that the way to go or do you prefer your own sub-series?

Anything is possible -- especially in Silent Hill! It's probably true to say that this kind of radical "re-imagining" is a trick that would lose its edge if we repeated it. So remaking , say, Silent Hill 2 with a similar attitude wouldn't be ideal. Also the whole re-imagining plays into the specific themes of Shattered Memories, too, and we'd rather tread new ground thematically, rather than repeat ourselves. So a new story, new scenario would make the most sense.