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SUDA51: No More of the Same

Una entrevista disparatada al creador de No More Heroes.

Videoresponse: Suda means "to sweat" in Spanish

RG: This is a funny one... Did you know that Suda means "to sweat" in Spanish?

Suda: Really? Oooooh! "Suda" (like drying his face) (laughs). I'm actually sweaty all the time!

RG: Well, that's like everyone here in Spain. What would make NMH players sweat more, Travis' combats or Sylvia Christel?

Suda: (laughs loud) Both!

RG: You always praise Nintendo's respect and support with your projects. Is the Wii the key platform for smaller developers?

Suda: Working with Nintendo is a really pleasant process. They treat everyone the same, be it a big company or a small one.

RG: Do you feel that the Wiimote is a viable new control interface that should be used in future consoles, or do you prefer the more traditional controller?

: Maybe. I could find new elements to be included into the game and then innovate like it wouldn't be possible with the traditional controls.

RG: Do you see anyone trying to do 1:1 sword fighting games?

Suda: Maybe, one day... (interesting face)

RG: In October 2006 you said you had another "secret" project for the Wii, but recently it's been said you're working with the 360. What happened with that project? And are you involved in Project Zero (Fatal Frame) IV?

Suda: Mmm... yeah, I'm preparing the project for the 360 but just preparing, it's nothing confirmed yet. Other question, I can't say anything about it. It's just secret.

RG: The Wii project is secret...

Suda: Secret.

RG: And Project Zero is secret, too.

Suda: Secret.

RG: OK. (Everybody laughing)

RG: OK, I thing we've got No More Time so, that's all. Thank you very much.

Suda, Takada, Naoko: Thank you, Gracias.

Note: During the QA round after the presentation, we also had the opportunity to ask Takada-san about which Nintendo franchise would he choose if he could compose the music for a Nintendo game. He answered "not for a classic, but I'd make the music for a new Nintendo game".

Revogamers entrevista a Goichi Suda
Suda and Takada nicely signed all kind of stuff between each interview.


The short time stopped us from asking about some other things like Batista vs Travis, Mikami, undertakers or the WiiWare, but hopefully, this is not the last time we meet them. GHM team are wonderful persons, and the enormous effort they're doing to promote the game in Europe is completely worth telling. Just before leaving Virgin's headquarters, we asked Suda if he wanted to push our readers for buying his game. Not only he tried, but he did it in Spanish:

Special thanks go to Suda-san, Takada-san, Naoko (Grashopper's PR), Diana and Alex from Virgin Play, Nintendo España Press Dept. and Richard Barclay form Rising Star Games.


By David Caballero and Sergio Figueroa.