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SUDA51: No More of the Same

Una entrevista disparatada al creador de No More Heroes.

Who is Suda51. Who "Sudas". Who is Travis. Who are the Smiths. What's coming in the future. Answers. "Compra".

Here, title's presentation. Here, lhands-on impressions. (Spanish)

Revogamers entrevista a Goichi Suda


Revogamers: "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" (Note: it's a song from Arctic Monkeys, UK rock band which Suda likes). What does people say you are... that is what you're not?

Suda: A lot of people say that I'm a cruel person or something like that because I've created violent titles, but actually I'm a person like everyone... I feel sleepy when it gets eleven o'clock! (laughs) It's just like ordinary people, not violent.

RG: We're big fans of Killer7 (although the game never came in Spanish). There're many references to that game in NMH. Is Travis the same Travis? And what about those special abilities he has, are each one of them related to the different Smith personas?

Suda: It's like... for example one actor acting this movie but then acting a different character in a different movie, so I use the same style for the characters in my games. Because the Travis in Killer7 is actually a totally different character in No More Heroes, but I like to use the same name, so that's the concept I use in the games.

RG: Those Smiths are as weird and original as NMH assassins and characters. Did everything come from your imagination or are they inspired by real people?

Suda: It actually depends on the characters. So maybe some character seems inspired by one person or other character's idea comes up originally. Also I use to talk to character designer Kozaki-san and we talk about maybe one kind of character I want to create and then through the discussions the character comes out, the image comes out and we expand it, so it just depends on the character.

RG: Being more action-paced, NMH might be more like a western than Killer7 was. I Are you proud of the new plot? Or do you miss anything?

Suda: No, I don't. I'm really proud of the audience seeing it that way. My intention was to create a more simple action game, more western-like. So people saying it's like that prove that I've reached my goal.

Videoresponse: what you're not