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Spore: la evolución de los videojuegos

Desarrollo, ideas y dificultades del juego de juegos que también tendrá versión Wii.

Entrevista Spore a Caryl Shaw en Revogamers

This is the original English version of the words that we could share with Caryl Shaw, Maxis producer, during the Spore presentation in Spain. Before the interview, Shaw confirmed that the Wii version is in in the design stage right now and that the Wii game won't come at launch with PC, MAC and DS versions, no date at the moment. It's also confirmed that it won't be the same as the PC version.

You have a talk about the content editors at this year’s GDC. Which phase or editor of the game has been the hardest to develop? Which one is your favourite?
Caryl Shaw: I think that the Space game has been really hard to develop, because there’s so much you can do and it’s just so big! So I think that that’s been really, really hard to develop. I think the animation system has also been challenging because we’re trying to animate creatures that we haven’t seen, so you might make something and I don’t know how many legs it has, I don’t know how many arms it has, I don’t know where you put the mouth… so to animate something like that is very, very challenging. Right now, my favourite phase is Tribe, actually I’ve been having a lot of fun playing Tribe. But my favourite change during development. For a while I really loved Creature and now I really like Tribe, which is really funny, and then Space is just beautiful, the planets, the art is amazing.

RG: When can we expect your game to start pollinating Spain?
CS: We haven’t announced the release date yet, but we hope to announce it soon.

RG: Ok, so we’ve been said that the Wii version is not coming at launch…
CS: Right.

RG: … so maybe it’s going to 2009?
April (EA PR): The Wii version, we have no date for it, so we have no idea. Just initial design stage. We love the Wii, but we’re not ready to announce anything yet.
CS: Will (Wright) loves the Wii. He plays the Wii more than any other. So I think as soon as we started talking about if we should make Spore on the Wii, he was like “Oh, let’s make Spore on the Wii!” He’s very excited about it. We’re very focused right know on making the best PC game that we can, so finishing the game that I showed you and making that be the game that “sums it all” and have people, you know, fall in love with that. And then wanna look at other platforms and make games more appropriate. I mean the DS game is different because the DS is a different platform, well like the Wii, and we all know how different the Wii is.

RG: When you say it’s different, I mean, I see how different it is on the DS, but on consoles, I guess you have planned 360 and PS3 versions…
CS: Ah, do we plan on those? All of the other platforms are just in exploration. If we can make a Spore game that is appropriate, it’s not a game that I think we’re going to port, so it’s not like Command & Conquer, which is kind of the same game wherever you play it, or Madden, etc. Spore is not really like that, I think that we’ll make the game that is appropriate for each platform, like on the DS.

RG: I mean that if it’s going to be more similar to the PC one on consoles, because being on the TV and that stuff…
CS: It would really be appropriate for that platform, you know, and the Wii is very different, the control is very different, there are a lot of cool things that we can think of to do.

RG: I cannot imagine controlling this with a traditional gamepad. This whole bunch of options and menus. I think it’ll be pretty difficult.
CS: (laughs) But in different levels of the game you could! It’s very easy playing Creature game with a control pad, so I think we’ll be able to play the game like for example Mass Effect, you know, this space game that has a lot of different travelling and fighting, trading… different types of gameplay like that.


RG: On that topic, will each different version share the same edition features and thus the online creatures sharing? By your previous answers I think you don’t know at the moment… if you have the same editors, then you can create the same creatures and share them online between different versions.
CS: We don’t know yet. We would like to be able to do that, but we don’t know if it’s going to work because of the different platforms and because of the different relationships with the developers of the hardware, because the way Xbox has all their online component it’s not as easy for us to setting up our own servers, because we have to work with them, so that becomes a little bit more complicated.

RG: And Nintendo is different too.
CS: Nintendo is different. And then Sony is different from them. So having them all being different and having different standards on all three of those makes that a little more complicated.