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Shingo Mukaitoge responde sobre Dewy y Elebits

El ingenioso productor de Konami comparte las experiencias con sus dos proyectos exclusivos para Wii.

RG: Dewy's Adventure is one of the best looking games for Wii, but it seems it's not selling well at all in Japan...

SM: How do you know? (Laughs)

RG: ...Are you disappointed with Wii consumer?

SM: The release date was the same as Mario Party was, Mario Party 8. And Mario Party is really really selling well.

RG: But this isn't more of the same. Not the 8th part of a series.

SM: Japanese might like the series, they think it's safe.

RG: So then, do you expect a better performing in Europe and America than in Japan, as it was with Elebits?

SM: (Laughs) I want Japan first, absolutely. First Japan, but I really want to sell it in Europe and USA.

Dewy's Adventure Interview

RG: We hope so. This, Z&W, Mario Galaxy seem to be what we call a Wii-feeling game, which is something that combines clever use of the Wiimote and ground up design and gameplay. Are we seeing more games like this from your studio?

SM: Yes, definitely. (laughs and jokes)

RG: Not many developers are using advanced graphical techniques on Wii such as normal mapping, but you do. How hard is developing a good visual game for Wii? Is it that difficult?

SM: No, it's really easy. But I think that Wii can do similar level that PS3 or XBOX360 do.

RG: And the last question is a poll for our readers: What's your favorite Wii game or project?

SM: (Laughs) Oh, has it to be Wii? Not Wii, but the game I really looking for is the DS Zelda. I think is perfect

RG: Ok, thank you very much (and Dewy!)

SM: Thank you very much

Dewy en el E3