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Shingo Mukaitoge responde sobre Dewy y Elebits

El ingenioso productor de Konami comparte las experiencias con sus dos proyectos exclusivos para Wii.

Dewy's Adventure Interview

This is the original English version of the interview that Shingo Mukaitoge, Elebits & Dewy's Adventure's producer, offered to Revogamers at this year's Games Convention.

: Dewy's Adventure takes the tilting control method from ball games like Monkey Ball or Koroninpa and uses it on a platform/adventure game in a unique way. How did you get to this concept?

Shingo Mukaitoge: Initially I had the same ideas like tilting the ground but if that's all it's the same as other games... so the thing is that it has more features like changing the temperature, getting the earthquake happen, getting the wind happen and to solve puzzles with those things, so then creating a new game.

RG: We played Dewy's at last E3, and we were fascinated by the great balance between speed and control, but it wasn't so easy to do the right attack. Are we gonna die many times in your game?

SM: I think it's a bit difficult game. If you try again and again, then you will be really good at controlling it and you will find it very enjoyable. So trying again and again is the point.

Dewy's Adventure Interview

RG: Which has been the most difficult point in the developing process of Dewy's Adventure? And which part of Dewy's Adventure are you proudest of?

SM: The difficult point was "how to use the Wii Remote". First I was thinking to hold not horizontally but vertically... thinking of stuff like this (jumping by lifting the Wiimote) but it was really more difficult than we have now. And then it was... yeah! You can hold it this way (horizontal) and this way I really had an idea that I could play better. And I'm really proud that I found that I can hold this way!. At the same time what I think I'm proud of is that -same as Elebits- I can work with WiiConnect24 and have online features, and I also can edit stages and send them to friends and... do you know the Wii Message Board? Well, Dewy's Adventure hints will be sent to the Message Board and you can check them.

RG: Speaking about Elebits, its concept was also an original concept with innovative controls, have you considered using it again?

SM: (Laughs) Shhhhhhht, no comment.