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Overlord, Codemasters y Caperucita

"Wii necesita más juegos tradicionales". Pues Codemasters confía así en su descarada apuesta.

: Ok so I guess we can expect more games from Codemasters. At this time, there is only a little amount of games from Codemasters. Starting with Overlord, can we expect more of these types of games from Codemasters? You have, for example, two racing games: you have F1 and you have the new Colin McRae, and these two are coming to Wii...

DS: Codemasters, as a company, we have to take Wii seriously and make Wii games in the right way. To be honest, something like Overlord is going to utterly determine how much more of this kind of content Codemasters pretends. This is a risk for us: we're assuming that come next summer, there's going to be a big market for this game to make it work for a while. We're sure that's going to work out, and I hope that we're right. If we are proved really, really wrong and all Wii games that you want to play is Wii Fit, then it comes the problem. But, at this moment in time, I don't work in the racing group of Codemasters or anywhere with action games, but as you said, the likes of McRae, the likes of F1, those will also come to Wii.


RG: About the customization you said in the other presentation.... What can we do to customize Overlord? Do we have new elements? Is it different...?

DS: Oh, yeah the way of character progression worked in Overlord on 360 was that you earned your armor and then it was upgraded going around and doing a lot of people stuff. With the Wii version we can change it around a little bit easier: using items we're finding in the world, the Overlord can forge a new armor and forge new weapons. The more the player explores, the better. Letting the player explore and finding things is an important part of the gameplay, so we reward that by giving the player new items to customize it. Your Overlord differs from my Overlords because how I play the game.

RG: Ok, the last one: having 2 different games exclusive to Nintendo platforms (Wii-DS), have you thought about connecting them to each other?

DS: We talked about it very early in production. Our first idea was that if you linked both consoles you could unlock special armors and stuff like that, But more we lead into it, unfortunately, when you are making a game, you have a fixed time for that game, and within that period, we thought "where can we invest the time" and then it was like we can do this stuff between Wii and DS or we can do another boss character. If we do that, everyone is going to see the boss, but not the connectivity stuff. It's a small number of people. So yes, we thought about it, yes it would've been cool... But for me as a gamer, the only game that seemed to work, which really, really impressed me was when for the Four Swords game from Nintendo you could play with the GPS stuff.

RG: We're still waiting for a game that uses Wii-DS connectivity in that way. A good chance could be that game from Square-Enix.

DS: Yes, maybe. And the thing is, five years ago, it didn't seemed like you could ship the game with big peripherals in the box and make it work, but Guitar Hero really changed the market. So maybe someone comes along with a cool connectivity idea and it works. So in our case, it was a practical thing: just go and make another boss.

RG: Thank you Dean, we hope you and Codemasters are lucky with a project like this.

DS: Thank you!