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Overlord, Codemasters y Caperucita

"Wii necesita más juegos tradicionales". Pues Codemasters confía así en su descarada apuesta.

: How bad can we be here? Tell us an example of being "very bad".

DS: Basically, the idea is that you're playing as this dark lord character, you don't really care who gets in the way: the way you get energy to create new minion characters, for example, this is by killing anything that's alive, we've got these sweet lovely fairies in the forest, you just go through it killing those, kill sheep, just kill anything, you just don't just have to kill enemy characters. The idea is, although this is kind of a Role Playing Game, it's not your classical RPG where you play as the good character against the evil, that's not what it's about, in Overlord the idea is a little bit dark, a little bit twisted. So, the people that you're trying to defeat are evil, you, yourself, are also evil... It's like playing a Star Wars game as Darth Vader, I guess.

RG: Yeah, we're in the "bad guys wave" now. Are we fighting dragons here?

DS: Dragons? No, there are no dragons in the game. We're focusing on a lot of classic RPG archetypes. We have dwarves and elves and that kind of stuff, that's what you can expect to see in these levels. Because the theme of the game is to take classic children's fairy stories and twist them around.

RG: So the bosses are, for example?

DS: One of the bosses is Little Red Riding Hood, she changes like a werewolf, (she's a werewolf in our game), she turns into her wolf form and you fight her. Another boss we have is the leader of the dwarves; he's built this kind of mech, he's going stomping around with this machine made by barrels and stuff. The leader of the Halflings is just the character; he is one of the bosses, tiding into the Overlord story.


RG: No dragons, OK. This is an important one: You told us (in Leipzig) that the Wii needed this kind of games for the hardcore audience. It seems like 2009 could be the year of this new wave of games, which is your role in this situation?

DS: For me as a gamer, I hope that 2009 is the year of hardcore Wii games. I understand why Wi Fit is cool, I understand that's in the market, that's new interesting stuff, but it has no interest to me, I'm a fatty videogames player and I want to play hardcore games on the Wii there're available to me. You know, Wii Sports, I've played for a while and it's cool to show what the Wii controller can do but, long-term, it's not the kind of game I want to play. So I think there are a lot of core Nintendo gamers on the Nintendo platforms and after "the moment" there's no game to them to play. There's No More Heroes and stuff like that, but there are just not many hardcore games aimed to core gamers. I think that has to change because Nintendo, traditionally, its platforms... Nintendo gamers are very loyal (people who bought GameCube keep on buying Wii), but they haven't got the same kind of "hardcore" experiences as they had on the GC platform. I know Wii plays GC games, but once you finish Metroid Prime once, you may want something different. And I think a lot of game publishers, not just Codemasters, kind of works up the fact that we have to touch the button of this people with the games they deserve. You know, SEGA with MadWorld this year, they've announced No More Heroes 2... I think the tide is kind of changing on Wii, and it needs the change. Another reason why I think it's important is because if all this kind of new people are coming into videogames ‘cause they've been attracted by Wii, now that they're into videogames, it's like we can show them what's cool about videogames be, because you know, Wii Fit is interesting but that's not the reason why videogames is like an artform, is a medium, interesting. We want to get them play real cool stuff. It's like... Mario Galaxy, this awesome videogame, that's the real benefit of Wii reaching out, but we have to provide that kind of content. Because if we keep doing what everyone does, which is keep trying to make Wii Sports and that kind of stuff, people have seen that, people will get bored of it. At the moment, Wii is like the popular thing amongst people who play videogames. But then, the Megadrive was, but then they once said "done the Megadrive thing" and the Megadrive got packed in the cover. Videogames has to grow, and people have to try new experiences.