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Overlord, Codemasters y Caperucita

"Wii necesita más juegos tradicionales". Pues Codemasters confía así en su descarada apuesta.

Overlord Dark Legend entrevista con Dean Scott

This is the original English version of the interview that Dean Scott, from Codemasters, offered to Revogamers at Overlord Dark Legend Spanish presentation, thanks to Atari Iberica.

New screenshot gallery here.


Revogamers: First, you say this is a prequel?

Dean Scott: Yes.

RG:  Is it completely new, everything we've seen in the game?

DS: Yeah, it's entire. Everything in the game has been built form scratch for the Wii system. We didn't want to do what other publishers do and just try and port an existing game to the Wii platform, so we've built an entirely new Overlord game for Wii. There are a number of reasons why we needed to do that, I mean, the way that the Wii game plays, you know the levels in the PS3 and the 360 just wouldn't go with how the pointer kind of interacts with the game, we had to do that stuff anyway. And obviously, you can't just save a 360 game and turn it into a Wii game, because the 360 is so much more powerful that you couldn't build that stuff for the Wii. And also, we wanted to build a strong kind of new game. We want Overlord to be a really big franchise to Codemasters and the only way we can do that, the only way we can kind of make sure that we're still making a Wii Overlord game is like we're doing for the first time: we need to take the time to make a cool kind of unique product. So that's what we've done. So, as you say, in the timeline of the Overlord games, the Wii version is a prequel to what's on the 360 version, so a lot of the events in the gameplay, in the 360 version, are explained in the Wii game, like how the war between the elves and the dwarves started... [He goes on explaining some story details that we won't spoil] If you haven't played an Overlord game before, it's not important you don't pick upon these references, but for our hardcore fans, -they're into Overlord gameplay- this is an incredible kind of an Overlord product.

RG: So people that have played before, they can link the events...

DS: Exactly, we've hired the same scriptwriter for the Wii and DS version than in the 360 version, who's Rhianna Pratchett, who's also in Mirror's Edge or Heavenly Sword. We had to have the same kind of talent on board to make it feel like it has to be. We had to make sure we used the same writer and the same kind of voice actors to keep that consistent. Because if the character talks in the Wii version, the sound is the same (as it's in the 360 version), otherwise it breaks the continuity, so we're taking that seriously.

RG: OK so you don't reuse previous things from the other versions. I mean, for example, it looks really nice, I don't know if you are using the same engine as on the 360 version, or a modified one or something like that.

DS: The Nintendo Overlord games are made by a different studio than the guys that made Overlord for the 360. Overlord 360 and PS3 was developed by Triumph studios in Poland, while this is being developed by Climax Studios in England. So the basic engine is entirely different, all the levels are different. Some the stuff we have reused is, we've taken existing models for some characters like the Halflings. We had to low the detail in spite to make them work on Wii, but nobody should acknowledge this. That's an important part for us, having a continuity between this game and between Overlord in 360, you can certainly have it: Halflings look different across the game, but a Halfling is a Halfling like a stone thrower is a stone thrower. Those things have to be consistent.


RG: Yes, it fits the style. And the music, it seems really nice, also... Is it re-edited?

DS: The real iconic music tracks from Overlord, we've tried to reuse those. Some of the audio stuff we've got, we've made it in a similar sound style. The music for "Overlord 1" was designed to work within specific levels, so where it was logical to match the existing music, that's something where maybe we've done that, but if we couldn't, there was no matching made, we recorded the stuff.