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Kaz Makita: la Progresión de FIFA

Kaz Makita nos cuenta las novedades de la segunda visita de FIFA a Wii y las mejoras en las que trabaja su equipo.

Revogamers: And what about the tactics and shareable tactics content?

Makita: That happen with the CPU control. It is more in a context space, but in the next gen we have like more customize tactics now, which can be done for the Wii if you want it to do, but we want to spend efforts in the right place for the Wii users. What we think is they want more, you know, quick, action play and something easy to pick up. And that is what we spend more effort this year.

Revogamers: So can we expect, at least, the same licensees and official stuff?

Makita: Licensees will be the same. The unique thing about Wii is that you can actually have your Mii Character in to the 8 vs 8 game mode, which is very different. And this is probably the first FIFA game that you can have female characters in the game, because your Mii can be female, right? (laughs). Also, our game is four players, so it can be either four against CPU or you can split it between two teams so that the four players can enjoy playing. And you can also mix all the controllers: GameCube controllers, advance controllers, All-Play controllers… all those can be mix to play.

makita fifa 09 all-play shezard revogamers

Revogamers: GameCube controller, too?

Makita: Yes, you can use it, as classical one. We heard that feedback said that some users wanted it to play.

Revogamers: About the 8 vs 8 mode. We've played it, it's more like arcade, faster. Are those enviroments totally new?

Makita: It is totally new. Because we’re having the Mii Characters, and also Ronalmiinho, all these players, we want to make it stylized and it’s something that we wanted to treat very special, and we decided to spend a lot of effort to make sure the environment fits with this characters and also gameplay fits with these environments and everything else fits with this. We just don’t want to have like a quick game mode. We want to make sure this mode is as exciting and fun as possible. That's where we spend our efforts on

Revogamers: What about the online mode?, we enjoyed FIFA 08, it was one of the first games on the Wii with proprietary online system and it had no friend codes, no “Nintendo things”, but it had some issues, as well. So, how will it be on the Wii this time?

Makita: For online game mode, it is almost the same from FIFA 08. So there will be 1vs1 game match and also an interactive league that you can play, so both are the same. All we did was to spend on the technology side to make sure that connection that you are going to have online, it has to be as much as rich as in can be. So that is what we spend the time on. But our focus is not about online this year, it is about focusing in different aspects. Also something we wanted to do is the Wii Channels support as well, like for example interactive leagues. You want to see that much happening on the Wii. We have been closely discussing with Nintendo on the subject.

Revogamers: You tried to do it.

Makita: Yes. Unfortunately, for FIFA 09 we didn’t have enough time to include it in the product. So for future, this are definitely some ideas that we want to put some time on. Also, online user ratio last year wasn’t big… it was about 2% people played online.

Revogamers: ¿2%? ¿Only? But not on our community! I swear 80% played online in Revogamers!

Makita: (Laughs) Maybe in Spain, 80%. Maybe we should have it in mind!

Revogamers: (Laughs) Maybe, just for the Spanish market!

Makita: Yeah, because I’m really keen to the Spanish market.

Revogamers: So it’s pretty similar. ¿No Fuutii game online, then?

Makita: No, but you can use al control systems online.

Revogamers: Ok, I think we’re done. Just one more relaxed, unrelated question… what’s your favourite Spanish team?

Makita: Uh-oh!

Revogamers: This could bring some problems to sales!

Makita: (Laughs) Yes, maybe I don’t want to answer this question!

Revogamers: (Laughs) OK; no problem…

Makita: Maybe Ronaldinho is the best, I have to say!

Revogamers: But he’s a little fat, nowadays!

Makita: Yeah, I know! (Laughs loud).

Revogamers: Ok, thank you very much!

Makita: Thank you, thanks for coming!