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Hironobu Takeshita - De Zack & Wiki a Ghost Trick

El productor, entre fantasmas. Recordando al amigo Zack y tanteando la Nintendo 3DS.


Hironobu Takeshita (Capcom) - Entrevista Revogamers

(English Version) 

Revogamers:  We first met at E3 2007, and you told us about one of the most unique games you could find on a Wii. Now, Ghost Trick seems to follow the same fresh, puzzling approach for the DS. Do you think it’s going to be one of its ‘last jewels’?

Hironobu Takeshita: We developed the title to be the last jewel and I think it’s a real think-outside-a-box title which no one has seen before.  Just like Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure received many awards, Ghost Trick also got many awards and nominations at E3. As your treasure hunting goes well, I assume Ghost Trick is getting closer to being the last jewel.

RG: We really appreciate the crazy idea behind Ghost Trick. Is it difficult for users to understand its innovative mechanics? How are you explaining and marketing this idea?

Takeshita: The main theme of this title is about saving other people. The protagonist is a ghost who lost his life and memory, in return he acquired the powers of the dead. He uses these powers to avert the fate of others and save them from death. His powers are to ‘possess’ and ‘manipulate’ lifeless objects and he is also able to return to the world 4 minutes before someone’s death. Using these powers, players will solve puzzles. We wanted to create a drama in which many characters cross each other. Players will observe and help the vibrant characters by possessing and manipulating objects. The puzzles come in a variety of difficulties making it enjoyable for any levels of audience.

We want to portray the innovative game-play so we are now creating an online demo (of course in Spanish too!) and hopefully it will be up on the official website soon. Together with the online demo, the monthly trailers which we are releasing allow us to introduce the mysterious storyline more effectively. You will be able to see the smooth animations of the characters, the thrilling chase drama and the quirky and cool game world on the trailers.

RG: It seems we’re going to have a lot of different ways to solve puzzles in Ghost Trick. How many levels -and ways to solve them- will we find? Could you show us one of your favourite examples of this variety?

Takeshita: Basically, each stage has one solution yet some puzzles can be solved in several ways. For instance, when a character needs to pass through an area where there are many traps, the player, assuming the role of Sissel, has to create a way out. This route may vary depending on the actions of the player.

RG: Our readers love Ace Attorney stories and characters. With Shu Takumi as game director, is this game aimed at the same audience that enjoyed Phoenix Wright games? Is this bizarre, fun puzzle load the main difference between the two games?

Takeshita: The director Shu Takumi sought to create a new mystery game that was different to the Ace Attorney franchise , where the number of characters is limited to defense attorney, prosecutor and defendant whereas there are so many people in Ghost Trick with their lives and fates tangled. Although the themes and concepts for both titles are different, they are both genuine ‘Shu Takumi’ works and the puzzles in Ghost Trick are new and original. The characters and the story of Ghost Trick may hint flavours of the AA franchise so we hope all the AA fans like Ghost Trick.

RG: Reviews and users highly praised Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure, and it’s a loved  game amongst our readers. There were may rumours, but did it actually have the opportunity to make a comeback on the Wii at any point? Did the Wii MotionPlus take part on that consideration?

Takeshita: Thank you for your love for Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure! However, unfortunately that rumor is totally not true. I personally like this title so I would like to create a new one though I don’t think it’s good timing to do so.

RG: We missed this opportunity during the show, but we had to ask the obvious question: what was your reaction after trying the 3DS for the first time? What did you like/dislike the most?

Takeshita: I really like the 3D visuals which you can see with the naked eye and I think it is absolutely amazing. The function where players can switch the screen from 2D to 3D is very user friendly. The most important thing however is to create groundbreaking games utilising the 3DS’s visual function. It would be really exciting if I were to be making games for the console. I cannot come up with any feature I dislike.

RG: Keiji Inafune sees the new 3DS as a whole new way to invite users to “explore all sorts of secrets”. Have you considered these new features for games like Zack & Wiki, Ace Attorney or Ghost Trick?

Takeshita: I don’t have any concrete ideas though the 3D features will help add new experiences in those titles. I would really love to give it a try.