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Entrevistamos a Robin Hunicke, Diseñadora Jefe de MySims

Para completar este fin de semana dedicado a MySims, la trilogía del avance especial y la presentación en España se completa con esta entrevista a la diseñadora jefe del título, Robin Hunicke.

This is the original English version of the interview that Robin Hunicke, MySims' Lead Designer, offered to Revogamers at the game’s official presentation in Spain.
Entrevista con Robin Hunicke
Revogamers: Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your role in the project?

Robin Hunicke: My name is Robin Hunicke and I’m the Lead Designer of MySims for the Nintendo Wii.

RG: We have to create a place where people want to live, to build houses, the furniture, then we have to make people happy... is this Sims more social or is it still all about getting things and self-interests?

RH: I think that MySims is a chance for us to explore some different gameplay than the other Sims games that we have got in the past and in some ways, yeah, it is a more social game. It’s about giving, and the more you give away, the more you get. So it’s a virtuous circle in that… there’s no money and you can recycle everything in the game so if I find a couch that someone doesn’t want and it has plum blossoms on it, I can take those plum blossoms and put them on something else, and give them to someone who it maybe appreciate it some more or keep them for myself, if I want. So you can still have objectives: to collect objects, get costumes, mix them, and explore, but you can also see what is like to build the community and support that community in the way that you like.

RG: The Sims has always been a franchise aimed at all audiences. Do you think MySims let’s say “chibified” style will change that? How?

RH: I would hope not. I think that if you look at the way The Sims have been received in the past, the core value of the franchise is that it’s about people and MySims are still people; they still have funny behaviors, you know, they do things, they can be mean to each other, they can have fights, and they can also express themselves in the same kind of ways that the regular PC Sims had in the past. So I would hope that because they can stand next to Mario, they appeal to the same kind of players that Mario appeals to, which should be: everyone.

RG: Could it work on the other platforms?

RH: I would hope so. Just because they look familiar with the Nintendo Universe doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t fit in other places. Nintendo games work on the DS and the Wii… I think if you could make some games for the PC with these characters it would work quite well.

RG: Creativity or gameplay focused?

RH: MySims is gameplay focused but the gameplay involves creativity. So the focus of the gameplay is to build things and to express yourself with the things that you build and the Sims that you meet and move in. And that way, hopefully we can reach many, many players because lots of different people like to build things. One of the things that makes MySims funny is that you are the designer, you are the player and you can decide what it’s like. You can be in control at the whole world and I hope that that actually appeals to a lot of different people.