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Entrevista a RedLynx

Entrevistamos a Joonas Tammien, director tecnológico del estudio de desarrollo RedLynx

JT: First of all, it's kind of a mixture of pre-made levels and new levels. When you get the game, thefirst online levels will be levels that come with the game, but since we're hosting our own game server and we have created technology with which we can add new levels on the server and, then, download them; you can play those as the daily online competitions. The idea is that the server sub-system will open a new competition pretty much every day, and typically a contest will last for a day or two.

There are two kind of challenges: In the first one you can try as many times as you wish, and the best time is the one that counts. There is another kind where you can practise as many times as you wish, but then there's only one competition attempt and that is your result. After each competition you will get points that will appear on an online leaderboards, where you will be able to compete with your friends or the rest of the world.

Regarding the server side, in general for us as a company online, community and multiplayer features have always been quite important from the very beginning and we have quite a lot of people who are dedicated to the server side of things. We already had experience with Nintendo DS’ online functionalities, and technology wise Wii is not that different on the server side. Of course, it takes some effort to complete the communication with Nintendo to have the opportunity to have this content and actually implement it, but I don't think is that difficult. Besides, usually in our games [online content] is an important factor, and we think it adds a lot of replay value to the game.

RG: You add online content in a daily-basis in some on your games such as iOS 1000 Heroz. Is Nintendo 3DS a good platform for you?

JT: Yeah, we're a multiplatfom developer. We are interested in all platforms, we have a lot of concepts and we try to find out the right concept for each platform. 3DS is definetely one of the interesting platforms we are looking into.

RG: Is SpotPass a good fit for you?

JT: Well, there is nothing concrete that i could say at this time, but we have several teams developing games for several platforms and we are definitely looking into new possibilities.

Entrevista RedLynx

RG: Finally, would you like to say something to fans expecting your [WiiWare] game?

JT: Well, I really hope that many people find this WiiWare game. We really think that it is a great game and we hope that there will be a big community playing it, specially with the online features. The more people play the game the more fun it will be for everyone!

RG: Thanks for your time.

JT: Thanks.