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Entrevista a RedLynx

Entrevistamos a Joonas Tammien, director tecnológico del estudio de desarrollo RedLynx

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Revogamers: Please, first introduce yourself.

Joonas Tammien: My name is Joonas Tammien, I work as the technology director for RedLynx. We’re based in Finland, we’re about 25 people there and the company was founded about 10 years ago and we have already made over 100 games of which many are pretty small games from the beginning. We used to do some contracting work for bigger publishers in the first years of the company, but nowadays we are publishing our own games.

RG: This year you’ve came to iDÉAME to show us MotoHeroz, a mixture of plataformers and racing games. Where did the idea came from?

JT: Well, we have a lot of experience with physics based racing games, but for Wii we wanted to create something which would be a bit different. The first part of this concept came about two years ago and eventually it evolved into this. Almost immediately, when we started to play this on Wii we liked it ourselves, and I think we still do!

RG: We think that the most impressive thing of the game, besides how much fun it is, is the promise of daily challenges via online. We were wondering, do you have pre-programmed tracks and then you send them like Nintendo did with Mario Kart Wii, or will you add content on the fly?. Also, We would like to know why do you think that many other developers don’t try to add online modes in WiiWare [games], or even [retail tittles for] Wii? Is it that hard?

Entrevista a RedLynx