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Entrevista Heroes of Ruin

Entrevistamos a Tim Schwalk, productor de Heroes of Ruin, el hack'n slash con multijugador online que Square-Enix traerá a Nintendo 3DS.

Text in English

Revogamers: In Heroes of Ruin we have to choose a character and customize it from the beginning. After that, are there careers or something to develop? So, every player would have a different character in the end. Is there any exclusive content for each class?

Tim Schwalk: As you progress through the game, you have many opportunities to customize your character by choosing how to upgrade them.  Not only can you choose how to distribute stat points earned by levelling up, you also choose which powers to purchase, or if you’d rather upgrade powers you’ve already acquired.  Since there are a greater number of potential skills and upgrades than there are points to spend, you will certainly end up with a different character than your friend by the end of the game.

Also, there is so much loot in the game that you will most assuredly be wearing different armor and using a different weapon than your friends who might have chosen to play as the same class.

Your character should be different both visually, and in the way they play, by the end of the game’s main story.

Entrevista Heroes of Ruin
Revogamers: Regarding the item system, could you explain a little bit more? For example: different types available for each class, options to share it with friends, or maybe there would be any place or shop to make or customize those items we find on the way.

Tim Schwalk: There are over 80,000 pieces of loot that can be found in Heroes of Ruin.  Our loot can be classified as either weapons, armor, or gear.  Weapons and armor are specific to a class, while gear can be equipped by anyone. 

Loot can be traded within a multiplayer game, or it can be shared via Nintendo Street Pass using our Trader’s Network system.  When loot is sold in your game, it is added to a special queue that is transferred to other heroes when you pass them in the real world via Street Pass.  All of the best loot you collect can then be purchased from a special vendor within Nexus, our city hub.  This allows players to access all sorts of rare and special loot that they might not otherwise find!

Entrevista Heroes of Ruin