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Entrevista a Dan O’Leary, n-Space

Entrevistamos a Dan O'Leary y le preguntamos acerca del RPG Heroes of Ruin para 3DS ya cerca del futuro de n-Space.

Dan: Don’t believe anything that Tim Schawlk says (laughs) We’re always working on original concepts and we always presented them and a lot of times we going to media publishers and presented them a few original concepts and they said “We know, you guys are really great at licensed products and we really need have this one done, so we can talk about this original IP later”. Hopefully Heroes of Ruin will remind people how good we are at original content and give us some opportunities there.

Revogamers: Have you ever think another ways of founding like Kickstarter?

Dan: I’m a huge pro-founder of Kickstarter . I founded I think about 15 different things on Kickstarter know. Even games that I’m not necessarely interested in playing I’ll give small amount of founding because I love the concept and I love supporting the people that are trying to make the game they want to make. I’m happy to support other people in the industry.

I think it’s a great idea and n-Space is looking at every method of founding games these days. Like I said, we are doing all these different groups, Facebook, and traditional console and very experimental relationships with different kind of publishers and different kind of products.

Entrevista n-Space iDÉAME

Revogamers: When do you think you will talk about your new project, maybe at E3?

Dan: I think probably around E3 you should hear some stuff. I can’t guarantee that, but yeah.

Revogamers: Well, thanks for your time.

Dan: Absolutely.

Interview made by Fare Godmace and José Manuél Bringas