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Entrevista a Dan O’Leary, n-Space

Entrevistamos a Dan O'Leary y le preguntamos acerca del RPG Heroes of Ruin para 3DS ya cerca del futuro de n-Space.

Revogamers: Here we are with Dan O’Leary from n-Space. Please, introduce yourself to our readers.

Entrevista n-Space iDÉAMEDan: Hello, I’m Dan, from n-Space, president and one of the founders.

Revogamers: With Heroes of Ruin your returning to working into an original intellectual property after working in licenses like TRON Legacy and Call of Duty. How is to work again with your own ideas.

Dan: I think the creative process is very much the same. Every game we do is n-Space’s game from concept to conclusion. When we worked on something like Call of Duty we have to work with Activision, but it was a colaboration. There rules you have to follow but otherwise we pretty much given freedom to create the game we would want to make that’s part they choose us to make these game in the first place, because they like our concept, our vision.

So the same is with our own IP. Even if it’s our concept we still have to work with a publisher who is going to push us in a certain direction. It’s allways collaboration most of time that it’s possible.

Revogamers: We know that with Heroes of Ruin you want to make one year of Spot Pass daily content. How are you going to do that?

Dan: Yeah. Actually is something beyond Spot Pass because Spot Pass is limited to one update per week so we have our own separated servers to daily update some challenges. We partened with Square-Enix and Nintendo to make that happen.

Revogamers: These new content is going to be structured in new and larger story episodies or stational events like Halloween or Christmas?

Dan: There will be daily challenges but these content is going to be created mostly after lunch so we could react what’s going on in the community and then we could think in special things like that.

Entrevista n-Space iDÉAME

Revogamers: After working with Heroes of Ruin what can we expect from n-Space?

Dan: We obviously have one core retail product group, handheld group, that’s working in Heroes, finishing up Heroes, and now they’re working in another big 3DS title. And we have one group that is working in iOS for mobile social game and we have another group doing experimental stuff on Kinect.

Revogamers: So, you’re not thinking to go back to home consoles market with an original IP?

Dan:  It’s tought to say, it’s very difficult to get funding for a new IP on big console now because they’re very expensive.

Revogamers: Tim Schwalk said recently that he would like working with Geist or Uniracers franchises. Do you have any plans?