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EnjoyUp: 5 juegos para Wii U Made in Spain

Entrevistamos a Julio Moruno, de EnjoyUp, y hablamos de los 5 juegos para Wii U que preparan.

This is a summary of the information given by Julio Moruno, EnjoyUp leader, in the interview you will find in Spanish in the previous page:

Enjoy Up is working in 5 games for the Wii U eShopUnepic is the only one coming in 2013. Abyss remake,Darts UpRock´N Racing Off Road and Aguraki will follow.



The Wii U version of Abyss is a port from the DSiWare version with new missions and a multiplayer racing mode for 2 players. It has upgraded graphics and supports Off-TV play.

Rock´N Racing Off Road

Rock´N Racing Off Road is a racing game inspired in the Super Off Road classic game. Supports multiplayer for 5 people at the same time and Off-TV Play. Enjoy Up is using Unity tools for physics: driving, crashes and collisions.


Aguraki is the side scrolling shoot´em up they show a couple of months ago. It will feature high difficult level, great final bosses, some multiplayer options and online leaderboards. Moruno says that he loves Treasure games, so this is a project aimed for classic shooter lovers.

He also congratulates Nintendo for giving licensed developers Unity 3D tools because they can save a lot of time and money forgetting about engine, level editor, physics and more. And because it is easier to go multiplatform.

Finally, he trust in Nintendo to turn Wii U´s future into a bright one as they did with Nintendo 3DS.