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[E307] Entrevistamos a Hironobu Takeshita, productor de Zack & Wiki

El productor nipón compartió con nosotros las inteligentes y frescas piezas que construyen uno de los juegos del año. Descúbrelas en el interior.

Entrevista Zack & Wiki

How many people were involved in the puzzle creation?

HT: Now the project itself is coming close to the completion and there're fewer people so currently there's about 40 people working on this game, and at its peak of the production process they were probably about 55 people. (...) There were five people who thought all about the puzzles and stuff like that. And then there were also other people like the programmers who sometimes provided ideas and suggestions as well to help with those puzzles.

RG: Please help us solving one external puzzle related to the game: Is Keiji Inafune involved in this project in any way?

HT: At the very beginning when we were talking about the concept and maybe the direction of the game he was involved a little bit, however once that was set, it was just a team working on the game.

RG: Will Z&W use the WiiConnect24 service? How?

HT: For this game, no.

Entrevista Zack & Wiki

RG: What can we expect of the game in terms of lasting appeal? Are you keeping your 40 hours mark estimation?

HT: The initial estimate of 40 hours playable, kind of included the game in itself and some side games, as well as possible hidden elements in the game, hidden puzzles and stuff, I think that that hasn't changed at all. At this point you'll be able to play the game fully 40 hours which probably will be a very good estimate of the playable hours, to play the entire game.

RG: You said you wanted to be as innovative as Nintendo with the game's controls. How do you think developers have been pushing the Wii Remote control possibilities up to date and how far are you going with Z&W in that respect?

HT: It's really hard to talk about other game developers, but I think that most of the games that are out for the Wii right now, the game tells you upfront how to use the Wii remote, in terms of... I mean obviously there's a limited number of things that you can actually do with the remote as well, so they tell you how to use the remote. But in this, in Zack and Wiki, you'll have to figure out, you have to think about how to solve this puzzle using the Wii remote, it's the game doesn't tell you beforehand how to use it, so in that respect I think Zack and Wiki is very unique out of all the games that have been released for the Wii so far.

RG: In the future, will we be hearing about Zack & Wiki as a series with several iterations?

HT: I would really love to make this into a series, and obviously with the support that we've gotten so far for this game and then after it releases, you know, counting on your support, then there is a real possibility that that could happen, but right now there are no plans to make it into a series, but it's something I'd really like to do.

RG: Thank you very much for your time, Domo Arigato

HT: Thank you very much.