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[E307] Entrevistamos a Hironobu Takeshita, productor de Zack & Wiki

El productor nipón compartió con nosotros las inteligentes y frescas piezas que construyen uno de los juegos del año. Descúbrelas en el interior.

This is the original English version of the interview that Hironobu Takeshita, Zack & Wiki's producer, offered to Revogamers at this year's E3 Media & Business Summit.

Revogamers: What's your (Takeshita-san) role on this adventure?

Hironobu Takeshita: I'm the producer of Zack and Wiki and my role consists of everything from production to sales and kind of overseeing all the entire process.

RG: Z&W joins cell shaded look, which usually resembles easy or simple games. This project promises long and difficult challenges. Wouldn't the players get confused with these two facts?

For the Cell-shaded look, it was really consciously made to appeal to a broader audience, not necessarily to let the players know that it's easy, I don't think it's something that really would worry us. In terms of difficulty, the game in itself has some techniques that once you start playing it, it's not hard to figure out, so the actual gameplay isn't that difficult, there is the difficulty level of the puzzles themselves, but I think the game takes you through the difficulty stages as you progress through the game. So that's something that adds a challenge for the players, so there probably isn't that much of a... anything to confuse the player in terms of the cell-shaded look and the difficulty of the game.

Entrevista Zack & Wiki

RG: Did the Z&W idea come up after the Wii was shown or were you thinking on it before?

HT: In terms of the game, the director had been thinking previous to the Wii announcement, other adventure game, you know, this kind of adventure game, and well, he had been developing that idea and there was the Wii announcement, so at that time when the two ideas kind of came together, he thought it would be a really interesting idea to put those two together and make the game for the Wii. So in terms of which was first, the game in itself, as a concept was first, but it really didn't come to life until the Wii announcement.

RG: Why pirates?

HT: The reason for the pirates it's because it's an adventure and with pirates it usually involves treasure hunting which can involve danger and risk, so we thought it was a good idea for an adventure game, and also at the same time, most people around the world are familiar with the concept of the pirates, so that it would, again, reach a broader audience and be more familiar with the players in the process of game story.