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Diana Wu, productora de Wall-E

Desarrollo e intenciones de un multiplataforma que viene de arriba.

RG: And you can use the Zapper in the shooting game.

DW: Yes,cita you can.

RG: It seems that this time, as a multiplatform game, the Wii version has gotten the attention that it deserves, not just “PS2 level”. How does it affect the users? Do you think that they care?

DW: What we wanted to do different is that for the Wii games, we could use the PS2 version and port it over. We did just the opposite. We took all our next-gen assets and brought them over to the Wii. When we presented it to other press, they were giving us very nice compliment that “this is one of the best games that they’ve seen”, and that’s because we did it that way. We also built our engine specifically for the Wii, to make sure that it is really built for that system. So, I personally think that the home user will notice that differences because we really focused on the Wii.

RG: And we’re happy with that!

DW: (laughs).

RG: So, the graphics are better than usual in multiplatform games –you just said that you’ve been using the next-gen assets-. Is it because of the Wii success, or is it because of the developers getting more used with the hardware?

DW: Actually, our team did a really great job. In my opinion, yes, it’s because of the people working on it, it’s pretty much just getting used to the hardware as well, I mean, look when the first PlayStation games came out. It’s people getting used, they’re really finding that nature, what they can do and how can they push it more.

RG: THQ is bringing original creations for the Wii –for example, The Blob or Deadly Creatures-, and more-dedicated multi-platform games, like Wall•E. Do you think that we’re going to see this trend getting bigger?cita Do you see other developers or publishers creating more of this type of content (original IPs and more dedicated multi-platforms) for the Wii?

DW: In my personal opinion, I can see just with the success of the Wii, the developers and their publishers really want to push up the Wii, because that’s what the public’s buying. But then again, I think you can’t forget about the PS3 and the 360. So, in my personal opinion, I think that they really will specialize on making it work for each system, each hardware (Xbox they can do Live content, making the controls work on the Wii, etc). And as for the original IPs, me as I gamer, I really hope there are a lot more of them because I love original IPs and they should put some fresh, I think most companies have a lot of franchises, so they can start and do something out there.

RG: We hope so. That’s all, thank you.