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Diana Wu, productora de Wall-E

Desarrollo e intenciones de un multiplataforma que viene de arriba.

Revogames: How do Pixar’s assets help your work?

Diana Wu: They’re very helpful because Pixar are very visual people, very creative. Some of the concept art and some of the objects they provided us for our game were really amazing. It really helps us create our Pixar world. It’s great that our animators use them. The characters are so expressive, if you look at Wall•E, it kind of looks like a cube, but then when you actually see it, it has also emotions and all that. So we got those assets, which totally worked with our project.

RG: We’ve seen in this game that maybe you’re including more side-stories and more stuff between the main steps of the movie.

DW: That’s one thing we really wanted to do, I mean, the movies are only one hour and a half or two hours and you can’t go just “hey, we’ve got the movie now let’s do the computer version of it”, that will also get boring. So we really wanted to expand on that universe, we wanted people to expand the world and say “hey, I wonder what happened here or there”. I think Pixar was really great in helping us to do that and giving us like the guidance and say “ok, this doesn’t exist, but if it did, it could look like this and like that”, and it really helped us to create the world.

RG: So you got some kind of freedom to introduce new elements

DW: Yes, that’s it.

RG: Talking about the citagameplay differences between Wii and the other next-gen versions, do you think that there’s more fun with the Wii controls?

DW: I think that it really comes down to the system that you like.  For the Wii, the controls are really specific and they do feel really different on the Wii.

RG: But, on the Wii, we do have more content in the multiplayer aspect…

DW: Yes, because we really wanted to kind of show up the Wii.

RG: In that multiplayer mode we have from one to four players and three exclusive levels. Are those exclusive levels just like the on-rail shooters that we saw before?

DW: No. One is the on-rail shooter, another one is a collecting game, there’re three stages within, and the goal of the game is to win two out of that three stages, or get the most points before the time runs out. It’s what we call “tumbler”, where pretty much you can turn the whole world upside down on the other players and knock them off, so it gives you chances to collect more “coins” before they respond. And the last one is like Wii Tanks, you go around, there’re nine levels in there, you want to earn the more hits in the game, and you use the laser gun, you use cubes, you use teleporters…