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Boogie-entrevista con Alain Tascan, VP de EA Canadá

¿Te queda alguna duda sobre cómo bailan los Boogs? Esta entrevista con su productor te la resolverá y te contará otros aspectos curiosos.

RG: Was a dance pad considered at an earlier development stage?

AT: Not really. I mean, this is something we really wanted to do with the Wii controller, and try to do the best of it so we didn’t think that the pad was something that will add more to this experience.


RG: What do you think of Elite Beat Agents? Would the Boogie concept be suitable for a portable version?

AT: So that’s very possible! Actually… (laughs). You know, I love this game and I think that this is something that we would be able to put on the NDS, probably.

RG: Speaking of music games… can we look forward to a Rock Band specific version?

AT: I can’t talk on this, I don’t know the answer.

RG: You recently called the development costs “crazy”. How do you think Nintendo’s approach with the Wii will affect that?

AT: (Yes, I said a lot of things… laughs) I feel that the Wii is a great machine to develop on because you don’t base everything on the biggest technology, the fastest processor but they’ve really done something really different, really creative. I think the other machines have their own quality but this machine is really good to just do something and focus on the fun and the gameplay.

RG: Boogie will face well-known music and dancing games like DDR, Wii Music or Guitar Hero. How will Boogie become the star in that dance floor?

AT: Number one it will be the first game on the Wii to offer karaoke. It’s really this free form one on one, we want to make difference. It’s something that should play with younger audience, more… older audience, people who like more gameplay oriented like hardcore gamers… What we want to do, other than being competition is offering something that nobody’s offering. And that’s really focus on the fun and the gameplay for every ages.

RG: A last comment for the Spanish Wii user?

AT: I think it’s like a good fiesta time (laughs). I went out yesterday in Madrid and I saw that the Spanish people are really found of going out and dancing and singing so I think this is the perfect game for this summer.

RG: Ok, that’s all. Thanks a lot for your time.

AT: Thank you very much, gracias.