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Boogie-entrevista con Alain Tascan, VP de EA Canadá

¿Te queda alguna duda sobre cómo bailan los Boogs? Esta entrevista con su productor te la resolverá y te contará otros aspectos curiosos.

This is the original English version of the interview that Alain Tascan, VP of EA Montreal, offered to Revogamers at Boogie’s official presentation in Spain.

Revogamers: Alain Tascan, Vice president and general manager of EA Montreal. Could you please tell us about your role in the project?

Alain Tascan:: So in this project I’m the co-creator. I’m very proud of it, but it’s a work of a team. We’re almost 50 people and every taunt has been very important. I’m the General Manager of the studio so I’m also the executive producer of the product.

RG: EA has been making some big titles specifically for the Wii lately, with SSX Blur or MySims. Why did you decide to bring Boogie exclusively for this system?

AT: We felt that it was the perfect system, because it’s something fun with the new controller… innovative music oriented and we felt that it was a perfect match between a game that is…you know, gear to give you pleasure. And the Wii, which is really based on fun and family.

Alain showed all Boogie gameplay modes...

RG: Have you planned downloadable tracks, creations sharing or multiplayer game via the Wii online features?

AT: For the moment on this version, no. Everything will be on the machine and not online.

RG: How will each boog affect the gameplay?

AT: The gameplay is the same but each character has its own animation and personal customizations. So, in the story mode you have to play all the characters and see all the animation by all the customization to really add fun and different experience. But the gameplay, the core gameplay, is the same.

RG: Will you include any region-exclusive tracks?

AT: We’re working on it now, we cannot announce anything but we wanna include specific singing for, you know, Spanish songs for instance or songs from Spain because sometimes Spanish songs don’t work all over the place, so we’re working on it for the moment.

...including karaoke, of course