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Una entrevista tranquila con Alex Neuse.

RG: Have you got any specifics about 3DSWare from Nintendo?

Neuse: Yeah, we've gotten the whole deal, which I think I'm not allowed to talk about.

RG: Well, you worried me when you said all that Japanese documentation stuff… How is your relationship with Nintendo right now?

Neuse: We have a good relationship with them, before the 3DS came out we met with them and they talked to us about the eShop and how is going to work, because we obviously didn't know back then. Now that the eShop is available, we're really thinking about bringing some smaller games that we've been working on, but it's kind of like I was saying before: we're still a small studio, so trying to fit a lot of projects in is really hard.

RG: In the Slate interview, you also said that you had 12 SKUs ready for this year…

Neuse: Oh yeah! We're trying to. That was our goal at the beginning of the year… So how many do we have now?…

RG: Well, first you have BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and SAGA…

Neuse: Yes, they are coming out soon, so that makes two…

RG: Don't you count the different versions for each region?

Neuse: I don't think we were counting that, I think we were just talking about products… I know, it's crazy! So, we have COMPLETE and SAGA, hopefully BIT.TRIP CORE for Steam, Bloktonik on the iPad (which just hit the iTunes Store)… What else? That's only four! *laughs*

RG: You're crazy! *laughs*

Neuse: I know, it's getting late in the year, we better start hurrying! I don't know, we probably won't hit twelve.

RG: One last question: You said today that Laserlife is still alive. When are we going to know anything about it?

Neuse: Well, we're going to try something kind of unique with Laserlife. We're going to be very open to the public about how the game is coming along, what we're working on and everything. We're hoping to launch Laserlife's website late Summer or early Fall and then just start kind of tracking our progress. Actually, we're not going to start actual development on it probably until early next year, but when we do we're really going to take our time and put a lot of care into it.

RG: Well, thanks four your time, Alex!

Neuse: Absolutely, it's a pleasure.