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Una entrevista tranquila con Alex Neuse.

RG: That's a shame…

Neuse: Yes, it really is. What can I say? I wish people had bought the game and we had beaten the threshold, but I'm still glad we made it even though technically I guess we lost a lot of money on it. It was a labour of love, when I discovered lilt line on the iPhone I just completely fell in love with it and I wanted to play it on my TV, because I don't really like playing on my iPhone that much and I love sitting in front of my TV.

Honestly, I made that game because I wanted it in my house *laughs* So… Mission Accomplished!

RG: After this experience, is it likely that Gaijin would take another unknown game and port it to another service?

Neuse: We might. We certainly would have to think harder about it before we do it; because you know, we don't like not being paid for our work. But we are talking to some other independent developers who we've loved and they have some projects that they would like to bring to a couple of new platforms, and we kind of talked about publishing stuff, which is exciting, but I don't know… Well, okay, I will say that long term probably yes, but we have nothing to report yet.

RG: Going back to that Slate interview, you said that you were willing to take the step to HD. "HD all the way", you said. Well, Wii U has HD capabilities… What's your opinion about Wii U right now?

Neuse: Well, I don't know. As a gamer I'm very interested in the Wii U. As a game developer, I'm interested but I'm a little cautious to jump in and try something new.

I think that the only reason is because it's brand new, and we started working with the 3DS when it was brand new and it has been very hard for us. It was so early on that all the documentation was still in Japanese, it wasn't even translated yet! So, trying to use some brand new device can be pretty tough…

In terms of going HD, we will absolutely be doing PC and Mac games, likely XBLA and PSN; and then, maybe, Wii U. If we can manage to pull it off, we're going to do it all because it would be better to get it in everything. We want to be on it [Wii U], but who knows?

RG: Then, can we expect anything from Gaijin in Nintendo platforms in a couple of years?

Neuse: Let's see… *He thinks to himself* In a couple of years I wouldn't say that we won't have anything…

RG: Maybe before Wii U?

Neuse: Well, we probably won't have anything on Nintendo platforms until Wii U unless we do… *He stops talking and goes back to thinking* I'm trying to think about our lineup but...

RG: So, do you know when is Wii U going to be released? *laughs*

Neuse: Yeah *laughs* No, I don't know… I definitely don't. But [going back to your previous question] there is a slight possibility that we might do some 3DSWare stuff, but we don't really know for sure yet.