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6th July 2013, 18:10
Siliconera se ha marcado un buen artículo sobre el nuevo estudio de Monolith software en Kioto. Se puede destacar lo siguiente del artículo:

- Kyoto studio is located near the junction of Shijoukarasuma
- most employees consist of artists
- average age being in the late twenties
- high ratio of female staff members
- studio has helped out with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Animal Crossing: New Leaf
- studio consisting of about 30 members
- atmosphere is reportedly very laid-back
- work hours start at 9 am and end at 6 pm
- overtime work is not accepted without permission from superiors
- when employees do work overtime, they are paid for it
- employees aren’t allowed to take any work home
- they are allowed to use office tools and material for personal training purposes

“One of the big opportunities that put the appointed weekly hours into action came from the 2006 occupational safety and health act revision, which demanded a more thorough employee time management.” - director Yasuyuki Honne

- Monolith Soft are still recruiting new members to their Kyoto studio

“We’re currently looking for people with the required skills of a CG artist, essential illustrative abilities and sense, along with great communicational skills.”

- newer members are asked about their thoughts on working there

“Playing and having fun is the most important part. It’s the key to bringing out the fun in graphics. When the work starts to overflow, the leader immediately reviews the schedule accordingly. I spend my weekends on hobbies and polishing my skills using ZBrush at home.” - Background designer, Subaru Genbe

“Not only have my skills grown as an artist, but I feel as if I’ve matured more as a person, as well. The appointed weekly hours allow me to work with a mental sense of stability.” - Object designer Rika Aoki

- more than half of the studio’s members are from different areas outside the Kansai region

Os dejo la fuente por si alguien quiere leerlo entero.

Monolith Soft's New Kyoto Studio Sounds Like A Great Place To Work - Siliconera (http://www.siliconera.com/2013/07/05/monolith-softs-new-kyoto-studio-sounds-like-a-great-place-to-work/)

12th July 2013, 15:32
Me alegro de que estén creciendo. Ha sido una demostración de que no hacen fanta miles de recursos para crear verdaderas obras maestras.