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1st August 2009, 19:06
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Llega a Wiiware Project Q, pero ¿que es Project Q?. Pues en IGN nos lo aclaran un poco:

What is Project Q?
A new WiiWare game from the publisher of Cave Story and Night Game has a Flashback vibe to it. Find out why.
by Matt Casamassina

July 31, 2009 - Publisher/developer Nicalis has made headlines since its inception for its smart pick-ups of potentially big WiiWare games. First, Cave Story, an overhauled version of the classic PC title of the same name created singlehandedly by Daisuke Amaya (Pixel). Second, the codenamed Night Game, a stylish and simple puzzle platformer developed by Nicklas Nygren of Knytt Stories fame. And third is the recently announced La Mulana. Much to the displeasure of fans, none of these games is available to Nintendo's download service yet, but we've played both Cave Story and Night Game extensively and can verify that they are in the final stages of development, every bit as good as you might've hoped, and coming to WiiWare soon.

Nicalis, meanwhile, isn't content to rest on the success of its first three WiiWare games and is already forging ahead with a fourth project, quite possibly the most ambitious of its roster to date. IGN is able to exclusively reveal the effort, codenamed "Q," to you today. Developed by Night Game's Nicklas Nygren, Q is a similarly styled puzzle platformer, but with a twist -- a fully controllable human main character. At first glance, the game looks like a post apocalyptic version of the classic Genesis title Flashback, which, by the way, means it already has our money.

To learn more about Q, we caught up designer Nicklas Nygren and producer Tyrone Rodriguez, who were kind enough to share some details about the project.

IGN: All right. First of all, thanks for chatting with us. So, what's this game called and how long has it been in development?

Tyrone Rodriguez: Right now it's a prototype that Nicklas has been working on since earlier this year. We're calling it Q for now.

IGN: This is a WiiWare title, right?

Tyrone: We certainly have WiiWare in mind. In truth, it could be WiiWare, Wii disc or even PSN, XBLA and PC. Since he wrapped up most of his work for Night Game, Nicklas has been spending his time putting this together with Yann van Derr Cruyssen [new music composer, Cave Story]. It could work on any console and we're shopping it around right now as it doesn't have a publisher.

IGN: Q seems set in a post apocalyptic world. Tell us about the story and the character. What is the purpose of the game?

Nicklas Nygren: You're stuck and to find missing parts of a teleporter that's not working. The part about why she has to fix the teleporter is a lot more exciting, but I wouldn't want to spoil it.

IGN: Tell us about the graphics style, which looks great.

Nicklas: Thank you! The player and enemies are vector characters, and then there's a main "layer" where the gameplay takes place that uses solid color tiles. There are 10 additional background and foreground layers where I basically put modified photographs. I've been creating a photo library of different objects and sceneries for a few years to design a game like this, and at the present the photo library contains around 2200 files in around 80 different categories.

IGN: This reminds us of another game you created. Is this a sequel to Knytt? Is that Juni?

Nicklas: Nope, but it might or might not take part in the same universe. No, that's a new character created especially for this prototype. It looks pretty much like a platformer, but it plays more like a puzzle solving adventure game.

IGN: So there are puzzles in the game. Are they all the same?

Nicklas: They are all very different. The puzzles are one of the main things about this game, and they're often connected to each other.

IGN: The main character jumps around a lot. Is she able to attack?

Nicklas: She's got the movement skills, but isn't a fighter. As much as I personally like violent games, I don't want my own games to be. I can't really sympathize with a main hero who runs around and kills all things around her. My games are about the beauty and life in the various environments, it would be such a shame if she'd kill that.

IGN: So how does one handle enemies?

Tyrone: You'll have to dodge them like Nicklas' previous games.

IGN: It looks like the character takes on different uniforms. Tell us about that.

Nicklas: It's all quite simple and logical! Some planets are warm, others are cold. Some have air while others don't. She dresses accordingly. She'll look like she does now, but if I have time I want to add more movements and detail.

IGN: How many levels are there? How large is the game? How long will it take?

Tyrone: We have quite a number of worlds in the game right now and there's a pretty big variety of puzzles, but we're not giving an estimated length just yet.

IGN: What else can you tell us about the game?

Nicklas: There is a camera!

Tyrone: Yes, the player will be able to use a camera to document information and capture the environments.

IGN: A couple more quick Qs. We're seeing a lot of running and jumping in the trailer, but not a lot of platforming. Can we expect lots of platforming in the final game?

Tyrone: I can answer this one. You have to understand Nicklas gets extremely good at the games as he designs them. He's making a lot of the platforming, jumping and movement look pretty easy. But, to answer your question, there will be a significant amount of jumping from one platform to the next with some really wicked designs. When you play you'll see, it's liking a thinking man's platformer.

IGN: Great. Finally, what are you hoping to add to the game that we don't see in this prototype?

Tyrone: There's a lot to the game and prototype that you're not seeing right now. What you're seeing in the video, I'd say, is probably a tiny fraction of what you'll see such as puzzles, star systems--even some really cool mini-games and other distractions.

Fuente (http://wii.ign.com/articles/100/1009860p1.html)

Y lo acompañan con unas imagenes:

http://media.ignimgs.com/media/thumb/294/2945644/q-20090731043511614_thumb_ign.jpg (http://wiimedia.ign.com/wii/image/article/100/1009883/q-20090731043511614_640w.jpg) http://media.ignimgs.com/media/thumb/294/2945645/q-20090731043514098_thumb_ign.jpg (http://wiimedia.ign.com/wii/image/article/100/1009883/q-20090731043514098_640w.jpg) http://media.ignimgs.com/media/thumb/294/2945646/q-20090731043516692_thumb_ign.jpg (http://wiimedia.ign.com/wii/image/article/100/1009883/q-20090731043516692_640w.jpg)

http://media.ignimgs.com/media/thumb/294/2945647/q-20090731043519129_thumb_ign.jpg (http://wiimedia.ign.com/wii/image/article/100/1009883/q-20090731043519129_640w.jpg) http://media.ignimgs.com/media/thumb/294/2945648/q-20090731043521567_thumb_ign.jpg (http://wiimedia.ign.com/wii/image/article/100/1009883/q-20090731043521567_640w.jpg) http://media.ignimgs.com/media/thumb/294/2945649/q-20090731043524145_thumb_ign.jpg (http://wiimedia.ign.com/wii/image/article/100/1009883/q-20090731043524145_640w.jpg)

http://media.ignimgs.com/media/thumb/294/2945651/q-20090731043526738_thumb_ign.jpg (http://wiimedia.ign.com/wii/image/article/100/1009883/q-20090731043526738_640w.jpg)

Y un video

Project Q in Action
http://media.ign.com/thumb/294/2945537/project_q_proto_qthighwide_thumb_ign.jpg (http://wii.ign.com/dor/objects/22975/q/videos/project_q_proto.html)

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